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The Galloway Family Foundation (GFF) is pleased to work with ABC News and The George Polk Awards to fund a new investigative journalism fellowship.

GFF and ABC News, working with the George Polk Awards Committee, have established a pilot program for international investigative reporting, the Galloway Reporting Fellowship.

The goal of the Fellowship is to identify and train talented international journalists to conduct important investigations in regions that are newsworthy but not adequately covered.

The program offers foreign journalists a unique opportunity to broaden their journalism experience by working with a leading television newsroom. Reporting will focus on important stories from regions that are often ignored. The goal is to give training and invaluable experience to foreign journalists to improve the quality of international news reporting.

In 2012, GFF welcomed Mohamed Ibrahim as the inaugural Galloway Fellow. Ibrahim is an accomplished journalist who has written on the turf warfare, drought and subsequent famine in his country, Somalia. Since 2006, he has been a Reporter at the New York Times, where he assisted the Times bureau chief, Jeffrey Gettleman, in putting together complex reports on everything from child soldiers to secret American operations inside Somalia. He finished several dangerous investigative projects for the Times, including reporting deep beside behind insurgent lines in one of the most explosive regions of the world. Ibrahim has also been a Press Freedom Researcher at the Eastern Africa Journalists’ Association; the Somalia Coordinator at the International News Safety; and the General Secretary of the National Media Council of Somalia.

As the first Galloway Fellow, Mohamed Ibrahim spent three months in New York at ABC News’s Investigative Unit, where he trained in broadcast journalism. He has since been utilizing these newfound skills since returning to Somalia and continues to report on and uncover important issues in the Horn of Africa.

Below are links to some of Ibrahim’s pieces publishing during his fellowship :

Ibrahim also provided background information and reporting on other ABC News stories.

The Galloway Family Foundation is currently in the process of establishing the second Galloway Reporting Fellowship, in conjunction with ABC News and the George Polk Awards. As with the 2012 Fellowship, the next fellow will be selected from a list of distinguished international journalists, who will augment their journalism experience by working with a leading television newsroom. Reporting will focus on researching important stories from regions that are too often ignored.

 The George Polk Awards

The Galloway Family Foundation is proud to work with The George Polk Awards. The Polk Awards, established by Long Island University, are among the most prestigious honors in American journalism. They are conferred annually to honor special achievement in the field of reportage. The Polk Awards sits on the Galloway Family Foundation fellowship’s selection committee.