Appalachia Today

Appalachia today, particularly central Appalachia, is a region in crisis. The slow death of coal with all the consequences has had and will continue to have a dramatic adverse impact on the people and the living conditions in the region.

Set forth below is a brief overview of a number of the major issues facing the region today.

Part I – The Death of Coal

I.    Death of Coal
II.   Coal Mining and Chronic Poverty in Appalachia

Part II – How Appalachia Got to Where it is Today – The Rule of Coal

III.   Ownership of the Land and Minerals in the Region
IV.   The Triumph of Capital over Labor – The Demise of the UMWA
V.    The Health of Appalachia – Obesity, diabetes, black lung disease, cancer, heart disease, etc.
VI.   Systemic Drug Abuse in the Region – An Epidemic
VII.  The Housing Crisis – Where to Live in Appalachia
VIII. The Failure of Education – Elementary, Secondary, and College
IX.   The Environment of Appalachia – Destroyed by coal

Part III – How People Get By Today

X.   The Role of Government Entitlements
XI.  The Failure of Pensions, Health, and Welfare Plans

Part IV – The Future of Appalachia

XII.   Changing Political Forces in the Region
XIII.  Proposals for change