The Current Major Project of the Foundation


Appalachia Journalism Project

To support, train and inspire a new generation of journalists, the Galloway Family Foundation is partnering with GroundTruth, West Virginia Public Broadcasting, the Lexington Herald-Leader, and the Charleston Gazette-Mail to sustain a reporting project to address in-depth issues that impact Appalachia. Three Galloway fellows will be selected and funded in this partnership and the Fellows will work with our partners on a joint-reporting project to be distributed via print, online and broadcast.



Appalachia – Past and Present

History of Coal Mining in Appalachia

From the beginning of coal mining in colonial times in the United States until the present, the mining of coal has had severe and lasting impacts on the people who mined it and on the environment from which it was…


Journalism in Appalachia – Past and Present

Little is now left of the once great tradition of Appalachian journalism. Today there is not a single bureau of any major regional newspaper, much less any national print presence in the entire region. The once great newspapers which played…


Appalachia Today

Coal has been the driving economic force and the major source of employment in Appalachia for over 150 years. Now, however, with the declining demand for coal due to cheaper alternative energy sources such as natural gas and the declining Appalachian coal reserves, the coal industry can no longer provide the region with strong economic dynamic.

History of Appalachia in Photographs

Appalachia has a long and rich photographic history dating back well over 125 years. Over the courses of its work, GFF has collected thousands of photographs of Appalachia. We offer a sample below.