International Issues

International Journalism

International journalism faces many difficult challenges today. There is the physical danger and risk of violence in reporting major stories in many parts of the world. There is the increasing risk of imprisonment by hostile government or capture by non-state actors.


LGBT Rights

The Galloway Family Foundation charts the increasing anti-LGBT legislation around the globe. 76 countries currently classify homosexuality as a crime, and five of those apply the death penalty. The Foundation focuses attention on LGBT rights violations by highlighting the recent President Obama directive mandating that…

Drone Warfare – Right to Kill

Under the Obama administration, the United States has begun to rely heavily on drone strikes to combat Al Qaeda elements and the Taliban, launching lethal strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Drones – remotely-controlled, pilotless aerial vehicles armed with weapons–have proved appealing to American…

Free Trade Agreements

The Galloway Family Foundation is deeply committed to focusing attention on the plight of international workers negatively affected by free trade agreements. Though FTAs have become uncontroversial among the Washington elite, human rights groups and trade unions are virtually unanimous in their opposition to such pacts.

International Criminal Court

One of the most biting critiques of the ICC is that it selectively chooses which cases it will pursue, targeting only cases that have little or no political ramifications and bypassing likely culpable suspects with ties to powerful governments. For example, while the ICC Prosecutor…