Stacia George

Stacia George was a recipient of the Galloway International Congressional Fellowship in 2014. As a Fellow, George raised awareness of various issues that impact Africa, working on the Food for Peace Reform Act and building support for funding for a new UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic, among other projects. George also conducted research and prepared Senator Chris Coons for hosting 51 African heads of state as part of the first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. She drafted and passed a resolution on the Ebola outbreak and helped organize an informational briefing on Ebola for House and Senate staffers with over 100 attendees.

Before becoming a Fellow, George gained extensive foreign policy experience in Africa and in other developing countries worldwide. She worked for the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development for over 12 years, with field assignments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Colombia and Haiti, among others.

George is currently the Deputy Director for the Office of Transition Initiatives at USAID.